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Production Bases of Green Technical
Grade Pesticides and Formulations

Good-Quality, High-Efficiency
and Eco-Friendly as our Brand Concept

Innovative R&D of Technology
and Service Capacity
Pesticide production enterprise designated by
the National Pesticide Department, featuring
18 formulation production lines with an annual output
of over 40,000 tons
Domestic large-scale pesticide production lines
of fenclorim, metaldehyde, difenoconazole, niclosamide
isoprothiolane and triazole pesticides
Strive to develop pollution-free pesticides
with high efficiency and low toxicity, low residue and environment protection
Improve product quality through continuous
improvement of technology and equipment
For our enterprise, Safety is the life, Environment
the soul and Quality the foundation
Capable of production, R&D and innovation of various
technical grade pesticides and formulations
Give full play to the guiding role of market in the direction
of technology R&D and selection of products and routes
Closely integrate scientific research with production
and operation to provide customers with professional
technology services

Serve the World with Green Products and Global Product Layout

The company's safe, efficient, low toxic, and eco-friendly products include five series of herbicides, pesticides, bactericides, molluscicides,
and crop nutrients, a total of 40 raw pesticides and hundreds of preparations, as well as some chemical intermediates.
It has established a diverse product portfolio and formed a total industry chain of brand, channels, sales and services, covering the R&D
and production of raw pesticides and preparations oriented to the global market.

In addition to its Chinese raw pesticide and preparation centers, Lion Agrevo has established multiple overseas subsidiaries, with the business now covering more than 80
countries and regions around the world, mainly in Europe, South Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Central and South America, and Central Asia.
The company has also established long-term and stable strategic relationships with top international agricultural and chemical enterprises such as Dow and Bayer.
Serve the World with Green Products and Global Product Layout

As a leading name in the industry thanks to its complete product portfolio of herbicides, pesticides, bactericides, molluscicides,
and crop nutrients, Lion Agrevo can boast a variety of advanced manufacturing and processing technologies, while its products are renowned for their outstanding quality.
With real-time monitoring from raw materials to finished products, the whole production process can be traced, product samples are retained for 2 years,
and regular sampling inspection is carried out. With its professional quality assurance team and advanced service system,
Lion Agrevo strives to develop efficient, low toxic, low residue, eco-friendly, pollution-free agricultural products,
helping customers sustainably improve their products and crop quality.

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